Efficient Client Advocacy
Finding the right sales opportunities can be expensive. A client speaking highly of you is the best source of opportunity.

The Client Voice can help build an advocacy programme that not only ensures all your closest customers and partners know your key messages, but also makes them your advocates, giving them the right tools to help grow your business.


Both you and your partners and customers benefit, as you gain serious advocates for your business, and they enjoy the benefits of working closely with their supplier. Effective client advocacy will:

  • Help ensure repetitive business with current clients
  • Exponentially grow referrals
  • Naturally evolve and grow your client base
  • Support your reference programme
  • Shorten the length of your sales cycle, while increasing the overall number of opportunities

In addition, clients can help support your thought leadership and roundtable programmes. By looking after your closest clients and partners, you can increase your capacity to find new business.


Get your clients supporting you, as a seamless, low-cost extension of your business development activities.


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