Clients promoting your success
Highlighting your own success doesn’t give nearly as much credibility as someone else talking about it for you. Your partners and clients are the best advocates for your business.

By putting them on a podium, your referenceability and success story’s become more powerful, more believable and more relevant. Put simply, your advocates will showcase your organisation to potential new prospects.


Client advocacy is essential to secure to relevant, credible, industry aligned referenceability. The Client Voice will develop a full advocacy programme targeting your best and most strategically aligned clients in order to effectively raise your organisations profile. This advocacy can then be highlighted and promoted through your entire partner and client network. You will achieve improved brand reputation and enhanced business success.


We will build a programme that helps proactively generate advocates who want to promote you and who truly appreciate the benefits you bring to both themselves and their organisation. For service orientated organisations, this is an essential component of business development shouldn’t be underestimated.