Driving client references
It’s not just about developing the case study. That’s just the start of the journey.

It’s what you do with your client references that really count. So many organisations leave these crown jewels sitting on shelves gathering dust, with no real appreciation of the value they bring.


The goal of The Client Voice is to help you get in front of the right prospects, and when you do, have the best chance of closing business. Having the right client references in place for your respective prospects that clearly demonstrate your value proposition is essential.


In particular, you will benefit from:

  • A better understanding of what your clients think you do well.
  • Visibility of your best client references.
  • A more proactive business development programme.
  • Your client-facing team will be equipped with all the references they need to succeed.
  • Clarity of your most effective value propositions.
  • A platform to help drive new business.
  • Confidence in the complete management of the programme.
  • Faster and more efficient pipeline growth.
  • Stronger sales and marketing messages including powerful customer endorsements and quotes.
  • Valuable sales materials to build credibility and 'sell when you are not there'.

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