Our background
We have historically held director-level marketing and sales roles and produced successful client referral and sales pipeline growth campaigns for many leading companies.
Our experience spans the complete Consulting and IT industry, including the four largest organisations in IT.

Unlike others, we manage the complete production of value-based case studies and create specialist programmes, using client referral, to increase sales.


For the last twenty five years, we have managed business development programmes and know what works and what doesn’t.


In the last 6 years, The Client Voice has delivered successful programmes that have directly resulted in client revenue growth, enhanced reputation and extended referral networks across partners, customers and potential prospects.

  • Success stories and case studies to help evangelise your client’s success
  • Tools and templates to ensure you evangelise your client success through various media
  • Client referral programmes to show the value of your client’s experience
  • Sales success guides and sales pipeline development campaigns