Building a referral network
An effective referral network can promote your business and help establish further routes to expand.

The Client Voice can help you understand and build your referral network, and help implement a proactive programme to communicate to them. The activity will help you to:

  • Build your network to a widespread but manageable level.
  • Create a comprehensive network matrix to understand the relationships your employees, existing and previous customers and partners have and how far your potential reach really extends.
  • Form an alumni around your organisation based on trust – create an opt-in referral network, with a comprehensive communications strategy.
  • Explore every possible avenue and ensure it’s working as efficiently as it can for you, such as social media, online forums, roundtables, newsletters, hospitality and industry events.
  • Integrate your referral network in partnership with your client advocacy programme.

The Client Voice can help you build a powerful and engaged ecosystem to help organically extend your reach.


With the right network around you, you can benefit from a raised profile in your target market, minimised competition and faster sales cycles.


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