Rocket Consulting

"Working with TCV has created gold dust for us. We’ve now actually got recognition from third parties telling people that we’re good at what we do. For a small organisation like ours, that 100% answers the credibility question.


We’ve just participated in the SAP Supply Chain Summit, where we got invited to be one of the key partners at the Summit. That wouldn’t have happened without The Client Voice’s involvement, and without them pushing and nudging us in the right direction.


The relationship works because The Client Voice brings expertise to the table that we don’t have. The expertise is delivered, not like a supplier, but as the virtual marketing arm of Rocket. The working relationship is integral to Rocket. That only can happen firstly if you’ve the expertise and secondly, it’s delivered in a mutually trusting environment. It’s very much a partnership approach.


Everything we do with TCV is about how we are perceived. For example we have a confirmed group of key players from the market attending our SAP/Rocket Roundtables, and the fact that they’re giving a day of their time is fantastic."


Nick Garnett,

Commerical Director,

Rocket Consulting