Running effective marketing
Most consulting organisations face the challenge of maintaining a sufficient pipeline of the right prospects.

They are often held back by not having adequate business proposition materials; enough client references in the areas they need them and an effective lead generating programme to build the right relationships within the right organisations.


The Client Voice removes the burden of planning, managing and executing your business development, marketing and sales support activities, incorporating a flexible and sustainable model that supports the your business, whilst maintaining continuity and results to support the ongoing business development machine.


In particular we:

  • Understand the consulting and technology industries you operate in.
  • Understand how to extract the value out of your clients.
  • Know how to write exceptional case studies and market them.
  • Will produce effective sales support tools to support your industries and solutions.
  • Will run create and run lead generating programmes to support business development
You will be able to successfully carry out marketing and business development activities in an affordable and manageable model without the need to recruit new employees