Who we are
The Client Voice helps companies increase sales by leveraging the value of their existing clients’ successes.

We focus on developing powerful results orientated customer experience references, identifying who will want to read them, and putting in place effective business development activities to help increase revenue.


Service and solution-orientated companies are successful because of their track record to understand and solve business problems. Because much of the value they deliver is intangible, the most believable way to promote their value proposition effectively is through end-client referral. This referral comes from a combination of client experience and the supplier’s competence.


The Client Voice believes writing and using case studies and testimonials is one of the most effective sales tools to explain business benefits. It is also a powerful way to build relationships with existing clients and new customers. More than ever before, new customers want to make informed buying decisions based on the experience of the firms existing clients.


The written case study helps convey what happened and why. However, few case studies explain the true value of a project or solution. And even less provide convincing insights needed to drive the sales process forward.


This is what makes us different.